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At Digi Pharm you well-being is our priority, and with this app we aim to keep that promise through convenience and care.

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DigiPharm App chat with the pharmacist
Prioritise talking to pharmacists

Prioritise your well-being, talk to pharmacists

Talk to pharmacists with our bulit-in chat application to discuss your symptoms.

Prioritise talking to pharmacists

Your very own home pharmacy

With the aid of professional pharmacists, order and receive your medication from the comfort of your home.

DigiPharm App order pharmacy items right from your home and get it delivered
DigiPharm App claim with medical aid when purchasing pharmacy medicine or items
Prioritise talking to pharmacists

Make payments with Medical Aid Claim

Our hassle-free purchase options will soon include medical aid claims soon.

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Become a member of the DigiPharm family and expand your pharmacy with digital sales. Fill out this form to get started.

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Are you a pharmacist?

Do you want to be part of the Digi Pharm family and assist patients online and make extra cash? Fill out this form to apply.

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