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About Digi Pharm (Pty) Ltd

Digi Pharm is an online pharmacy company that seeks to deliver medication to its customers within the shortest time possible. Our target is to ensure that every order is completed within an hour after the order has been confirmed. We are currently based in the northern part of Johannesburg and we will expand our services to other parts of the province and to the country at large soon.

Digi Pharm was founded in June 2020 with the purpose of delivering medicine to nearby communities in Johannesburg during the country’s national lockdown. The pharmacy provides self-medication and scheduled drugs to its customers through an online platform, with the added convenience of delivering the medication to households and places of work.

The online pharmacy is available

and will soon be available on mobile apps, both iOS and Android platforms.


Our vision is to provide easy access to medication to all within the quickest time possible.


Our mission is to use digital platforms and mobility to provide access to medication to the vulnerable. We intend to do so by expanding our footprint in all provinces across the country.


1. Customer-centricity – We pride ourselves with the obsession we have for our customers.

2. Integrity – We honor ourselves as servants of the vulnerable and sick and therefore we make the commitment to operate in an honest and transparent way.

3. Innovation – We stand behind the technology that we have developed, and we will continue to innovate as we serve our customers.